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What you can expect from your John Rea Realty agent:

Learn and define your needs, desires and goals as a buyer, and help determine your most important considerations in selecting a home.

Give you information about agency choices and services available to you.

Organize the home buying process, guide you through it and save you time.

Search for the right home, always accompany you to property showings and represent your interests.

Explore all financing possibilities with you and provide you with a list of lenders.

Provide you with a comparative market analysis to make an informed purchase decision.

Disclose all known information about properties and areas which interest you.

Assist in preparing offers, strategize your offer to the seller, and negotiate on your behalf.

Ensure confidentiality of your personal client information.

Monitor the closing process step-by-step, and make sure you're always informed.

Provide lists of inspectors to review the condition of the property.

Act as your advocate in the most professional manner possible.

Treat all parties fairly and honestly.


 Buyer's Guide

Whether you are buying a single family home in Monroe, an investment property in West Monroe, or a farm in Rayville, the following list will give you an idea of the process you will undergo throughout the purchase.

To help you get started, we've outlined most of the key steps to buying a home detailing the necessary actions in order to ensure your investment is a good one.

While this process may seem extensive, our agents are trained to make the transaction as smooth as possible.
The agents at John Rea Realty LOVE OUR COMMUNITY and want others to feel likewise. We know that will be satisfied with our service and you will recommend us to others, which is the foundation of all success.
1. Get Pre-Qualified

Sellers want to know if a buyer is qualified. Good financial relationships are important and the John Rea Realty agent can walk you through this process with very qualified professional local lenders.
  • Completing the pre-approval process makes your offer and ability to purchase more interesting to a Seller.
  • Local lenders will provide in writing estimated banking or loan costs to complete your purchase.
  • Your John Rea Realty agent will counsel you on other inspection and out of pocket expenses.
  • Today's interest rates are extremely reasonable making a home ownership within reach of so many.

2. Explore our rich community and easy-to-use property search

  • Explore the twin cities and surrounding regions discovering what makes this community a community. We love our community and think you will also. We have videos on various community activities and attractions on our YouTube channel. These pages are updated on a regular basis.
  • Use our Property Search to find real estate by selecting from a multitude of filters and attributes for your new home.
  • Sign up for property email alerts to be the first to know as new properties hit the market.

3. Begin viewing homes with our experienced agents

  • Make a Home Buying Wishlist to prioritize your needs and desires.
  • Once you are ready to view homes, it is time to select a real estate professional
  • Always be candid with your agent, it will help them understand your particular needs and desires and enable them to select homes you'll want to see.

4. Prepare the offer

  • Your John Rea Realty agent will provide you with a comparative market analysis on the property you choose enabling you to make an informed buying decision.
  • Your John Rea Realty agent will prepare an offer and review completely the entire offering process.
  • Negotiations will proceed until all terms are agreed upon and final signatures are obtained.
  • The final agreement will be provided by the John Rea Realty agent to the Lender and Title Company.

5. Make your loan application

  • Returning to your Local Lender is the next step in the buying process.

6. Inspect the property

  • This is a vital part of any purchase and using professionals in each area of concern cannot be under emphasized. Most buyers prefer however to use a local home inspection service. There are a number of licensed home inspectors available in this market should a buyer prefer to use one. John Rea Realty is strong proponent of termite inspections and recommend a buyer to have their own termite company inspect their purchase.

7. Appraisal, survey and elevation certificiates

  • In Louisiana, the lender will order the property appraisal. Quite often, Surveys are not a mandatory requirement to close.
  • Should a buyer desire a survey, make the request part of the terms and condition of purchase.
  • Some insurance companies may require property elevation certificates, a matter that should be thoroughly discussed with your John Rea Realty agent who will assist you in either finding or communicating with your insurance agent. John Rea Realty does not recommend waiting until closing to obtain insurance quotes and requirements.

8. Seller's closing coordinated by agent, lender and title company attorney

  • At least 24 hours before closing, you will receive a copy of the HUD closing statement for review.
  • The Final Walk-Thru inspection is scheduled and conducted at least three days prior to closing.
  • You will need to bring a cashier’s check for the total cash required at closing summary appearing on the final HUD statement.
  • If occupancy is at closing, utility cutoffs and key exchanges need to be clearly discussed.
  • If buyers occupancy does not occur at closing, then both parties should continue to maintain their respective insurance policies.

9. After the closing

  • The Deed and Mortgage are reviewed and recorded in the Parish Courthouse.
  • Final copies of all certified documents will be furnished to the respective parties by mail.

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